High number of sick babies after bad weather

High number of babies taken to the Pikinini Clinic at Chinatown in recent days being affected after the stormy wet weather experienced in the country.
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MORE than a hundred babies are taken to the Pikinini Clinic at China Town in recent days, being affected by High Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI).

According to the clinic staff, the current situation experienced is caused from exposing babies to the cold environment recently during the stormy weather in the country.

“Homecare is very important as babies’ health after the current stormy weather experienced depends on it,” said the Pikinini Clinic Staff.

“High sickness as this occurs during after weather changes so it is very important for parents to keep their babies indoors from the cold.

“Effects on babies are they will have high fever, runny noses and hearing infections. Usually a runny nose is first spotted before high fever follows. If a baby’s fever is too high then experience of the baby being stiff is possible.”

As Panadol medicine is the only usual treatment given for URTI, the staff of Pikinini Clinic urge parents not to rely only on Panadol.

Parents must cool their babies high fever with forehead wiping cloths as it is the babies’ lungs and livers is where the area of concern is to prevent from being affected.

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