Helping the needy in the SI – an open letter to New Zealand

DEAR EDITOR, on the island of Malaita in the Solomon Islands the registered charity trust, ‘Hearts of Hope,’ administered daily by a dedicated team of volunteer women cares for thousands of orphans and elderly widows that are scattered across the vast province.

The charity is desperately in need of all kinds of second hand clothing, especially clothing for children.

There is also a huge demand for donated eye glasses for people in the Solomon Islands who are unable to pay for eye glasses or repair old ones.

LIONS CLUBS in New Zealand very kindly donated 3,000 pairs of eye glasses a year or so ago to the National Referral Eye Centre in Honiara, an excellent facility built with money provided by the New Zealand Government’s Overseas Aid Program.

The eye glasses were freighted to Honiara by ‘Take My Hand’ charity trust, based in Auckland, an organization that has been aiding the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services for several years already.

This letter is by way of an appeal to the good people of New Zealand and to the members of LIONS CLUB (NZ) to kindly consider helping all those in need in the care of Hearts of Hope and those urgently in need of eye glasses throughout the Solomon Islands.

Gifts of second-hand clothing and eye glasses could be donated to ‘Take My Hands’ at the organizations storage depot in Auckland by prior arrangements with the management team. Tel number:   +64 (02) 27-433-4978

Any enquiries can be made to me via the link on my website –

Yours sincerely


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