Heavy machinery a threat to Ranadi coastline


THE remains of heavy machines dumped close to the Earth Movers workshop is posing a threat on the environment at the Ranadi industrial area.

Ranadi is regarded as the country’s industrial site where remains of heavy machines, iron, empty drums, plastics, wastes, cylinder is a normal sight.

Island Sun visited the graveyard for machines yesterday and witnessed the enormity of the problem.

The Solomon Islands Government Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology MECCDMM) are being asked to assess and monitor those sites to stop companies who continue to dump heavy machines.

A senior officer from the Ministry said companies which own areas there have been urged to stop the practice of dumping their dead machines close to the shore.

“They should dispose them properly to avoid environmental effect to marine ecosystem or our coastline where marine lives breed.”

He said that this will certainly need a collective effort from various relevant organisations, companies, ministries and government to discuss and closely monitor those site to stop the environmental pollution. 

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