Dear Editors
I had news today from my colleague at Take My Hands (TMH) Charity Trust in Auckland, New Zealand, that a container will shipped from New Zealand at the end of January containing much needed clothing requested for the Malaita based Hearts of Hope organization and 20 boxes of eye glasses, donated by Lions Clubs of New Zealand.
The 20 boxes of eye glasses, all carefully balanced and tested, contain over 3,000 individual pairs of glasses and they should prove to be very helpful for the many needy people that cannot afford to buy spectacles for themselves.
I am still awaiting from TMH the complete inventory for the container but hope it will contain additional equipment and supplies I originally requested from the NZ charity, including mobility equipment, beds and items of furniture for specific, local NGO’s
The container was pre-paid by the SFA quite some time ago but it has taken some considerable time for TMH to be able to source and collect donations in New Zealand to meet the special requirements of local NGO’s.  It has to be borne in mind, also, that TMH does not usually work to aid NGO’s since its core function is to collect and donate hospital equipment and supplies across the Pacific rim, including to medical authorities in Nepal, Fiji, Pakistan and Vanuatu.
I express my sincere appreciation to TMH, Lions Clubs (NZ), and to the Board of the SFA, including the past President of the SFA, Mr Johnny Si, also to the Board of the SIPA.
Once, I have more details of the container’s contents I will write with more information.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short

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