Health workers confident in managing paediatrics


Doctor Gane Simbe

FOURTEEN health workers at the National Referral Hospital (NFH) who have recently graduated under the Sydney Children Hospital Programme say they are confident in managing paediatric complexities.

This comes as good news for the country, to have locals who can provide quality service in that area under the huge medical-health spectrum.

Dr Gane Simbe, who spoke on behalf of the 14 health workers during their graduation last week, said their training adds to their medical and health knowledge and skills, and each of them have come out with boosted confidence in handling paediatric cases.

“The material taught made us a bit more confident then yesterday in managing pediatric complications,” said Simbe.

He said reducing child mortality is a fundamental millennium development goal set by the United Nations in 2015 and it is this goal that they (health workers) are working toward.

“I believe the Sydney Child Health Programme, International Postgraduate Pediatrics Certificates (IPPC) and International Postgraduate Pediatric Nurse Certificates (IPPNC) is part of reducing child mortality as well as help to breach the gap exists between developed and developing country like Solomon Islands,” said Simbe.

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