Health promoting school teachers training in Auki



TEACHERS in the central region of Malaita province are the first to benefit from a “Health Promoting School Teachers Training” in the province.

The training on health promotional setting for school began in Auki yesterday and will continue until Friday this week.

Facilitator of the training, Mrs Nestor Rara Houmola who is a Health Promotional Officer at Kilu’ufi Hospital said the training was the first of its kind to be introduced for teachers in the province.

She said the training is an output of a partnership between Malaita provincial health and the provincial education office, in which a committee was established to pursue Health Promoting School (HPS) concept for schools in the province.

Houmola said under the HPS concept, the programme looks mainly at factors affecting health in schools.

“Like recently we piloted the concept at Town End Primary School in Auki which go along with the food healthy policy of the school.

“The schools had or will introduce similar kind of health policy for schools that look upon as action plan for implementations under the concept.

“Our general target is to ensure we work together with schools to achieve their action plans so it becomes a fully health promoting school.

“The process itself takes time for schools to achieve all the priority areas under the concept, but we’ll take one at a time and go on,” she said.

Houmola explained that the reason for training the teachers was they will be the vocal points out in the schools, as lot of the health programme will be implemented in schools under their dispose.

She said the HPS concept has planned for all schools in the province as it started rolled in the central region of the province.

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