Health ministry committed to SDGs


MINISTRY of Health and Medical Services is committed to addressing the sustainable development goals (SDG) with the establishment of the role delineation policy (RDP).

For the health and wellbeing of the Solomon Islands, the government is committed under the UN’s SDGs that all should have healthy lives by 2030.

With the Universal Health Coverage (UHC), CEO for National Referral Hospital Mr Steve Aumanu said, “One of the important tools to achieve the Universal Health Coverage is the Role Delineation Policy and it’s been discussed recently.”

He said RDP has many areas related to professional services which can be accessible at the community health clinics, rural health area centres, urban health centres, provincial hospital and NRH.

Aumanu adds, once RDP is implemented, it will support the country to achieve the SDGs because all levels of service provided inside the policy will be practised at all health areas across the provinces.

Currently NRH will undergo refurbishments and construction of new facilities funded by the Republic of China (Taiwan) and other donor partners.

Aumanu said infrastructure and maintenance are very important towards NRH’s service delivery as it will provide space, proper facilities and equipment which are the core functions for service delivery.

“Improving the facilities and infrastructure of clinics around the country and the NRH will set bench for achieving the SDGs particularly the UHC,” he said.

With the plan to have a new diabetic centre, specialist clinic and nurse hostel, Aumanu applauded the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the assistance.

MHMS’s Permanent Secretary Dr Tenneth Dalipanda said, “The RDP provides us with the way forward though to work towards making sure that we provide appropriate services in appropriate locations.

“So that people do not have to travel long distance to access services that should be available to them in their health zone or provinces.”

Dalipanda said their ultimate goal is to achieve the UHC for Solomon Islanders and the RDP is one initiated avenue that will help the ministry improve coverage, access to and reach of health services.

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