Health Education study for schools soon



THE Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development will soon implement the health education curriculum for schools in the country.

This is the first to be done after the MEHRD and MHMS included the subject in the curriculum, but have been unsuccessful in implementing it in the past years.

In an interview with the National Health Promoting Schools Coordinator, Ms Fiona Laeta, she said health education curriculum is one of three main components under Health Promoting Schools.

She said in light of implementing the curriculum, first intake of students are now undergoing teaching training at SINU on health education.

Laeta said in two years time when the teachers graduate they are expected to teach the subject in schools.

“Because according to our national curriculum it requires basic education must involve our basic health.

“It designed that from standard one to form three they must learn health education in their schools,” she said.

However, Laeta said since the country produces no health teacher, the subject has never been taught especially in secondary schools.

She said in primary school it’s good enough since teachers are teaching general subjects to students, so sometimes they cover health studies.

“But for secondary level since teachers specialise only in certain subjects, the subject never teach since there are no health teachers” Laeta said.

She said currently secondary schools had the health text books, but nobody to teach it because there’s no health teacher.

“Only science and home-economic teachers using the book, but as resources on areas relevant to topics or lessons they teach.

“So not until graduates coming out from health education the programme will then roll,” Laeta said.

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