Health awareness held for Ilia school

ILIA School at Gilbert Camp has commended the Honiara City Council (HCC), health school Promotion team for facilitating a one-day health promotion program for teachers on Tuesday.

School Principal, Henry Bruno Ravikeni said the program was a huge redirection for the teachers.

“To make change in the school, teachers are the agents of change,” Ravikeni explained.

He said the health promotion program facilitated by the HCC health division is a privilege for schools in and around Honiara city to redirect their studies for a better healthy environment for students.

“I also thank the HCC Waste Management team who were part of the health promotion program for providing us very important information about waste segregation,” Ravikeni said.

“It is very important to teach our students on how to separate rubbish based on what we learned from the one-day program,” head teacher Mr Ravikeni uttered.

HCC Health Promotion director, Oliver Oli said the HCC education authority sees the program as important because schools are very important avenues to start with at an early stage.

“Nurturing processes should be kicked off for students, especially during an early stage, from kindergarten right up to secondary school, form seven or what levels they exit in their studies,” Oli expressed.

He further explained that the important thing about health promoting school concept was to create an environment that supports the health of all the students in the school settings. – BY CHRIS HAPERT HA’ARABE

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