Head teacher calls on communities to work together


THE head teacher of Isabel province’s Gagaolo Primary School in Hograno Highlands is calling on members of their community to work together to help develop the school.

Renward Matesala who comes from Hograno expressed that cooperation among everyone in Kolomola and Alu’Alu, the two villages that own the school has been lacking.

He said that the school was funded by Japan in 2011 and completed by 2013.

However, Matesala stresses that when funding for the school was over people were no longer active in school related activities.

He stated that parents whose children attended the school were the only ones who supported the school by cleaning around the school compound and building staff houses.

“Only parents have helped the school in terms of cleaning the school and building staff houses while others have showed no cooperation”, he said.

Mateala is strongly calling on everyone from both communities to come together and cooperate in school initiatives like school programs, fundraisings and projects.

“If we work together, parents, teachers and everyone will be happy”, he said.

Maetala is also appealing to the people of Isabel province in Honiara to support the school.

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