HCCHD proposed plan still in working progress

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Honiara City Council Health Division proposed resolution concerning the Kukum, Mataniko and Rove clinics is still in working progress.

The proposed idea was to allow late evening operations carried out by these three (3) named clinics to lighten the work load of the National Referral Hospital.

Extending clinic hours is purposely proposed to address the growing rate of sick people in need of immediate medical attention during after working hours.

A spokesman for the HCCHD said that they’re currently working on some areas which they see as vital for the success of the plan.

“We want to make sure that security measures are taken into consideration. Since these are small establishments, we want to make sure that our nurses can go on with their late evening shift without interruptions from drunkards and thugs.

“Also another aspect that needs to be address before we open these clinics late is to equip these named locations with standby power sources. This is one safety measure the office has in mind.

“If the plan works out, soon nurses working in these named locations will be expected to take shifts,” he concluded.

According to other sources, the first proposed date for the clinics to start operating late should be this month but looks like it won’t happen just yet until HCCHD accomplish listed goals.

Acting Director for the HCCHD is yet to confirm the exact date when the proposed idea will be in motion.