HCC work on plan to rectify bus route hiccup


THE Honiara City Council (HCC) is working on a plan to rectify the current bus hiccup experienced by travelling public in Honiara.

City Mayor, Andrew Mua told Island Sun via phone yesterday that the HCC task force committee mandated to oversee the matter is taking into consideration the issue.

“We are still monitoring the situation, taking into consideration the outcome of the current ongoing road work once completed.

“The task force is observing the issue and has a plan in place if it remain the same after completion of road works,” Mr Mua said.

The City Mayor could not provide further information on the proposed plan since it is still in its early stages.

But he said the plan could be implemented in July or August once the situation remained the same.

A Honiara bus driver said it would be wise if HCC considers partitioning the main highway from White River to KGVI into three stops – the added point could be from Central Market to Kukum, and from there to KGVI.

But Mua said HCC cannot create new routes at the moment.

The City Mayor made the response after the travelling public facing difficulties in accessing bus services along Honiara roads. This was after three weeks of the re-enforcement of the long bus routes in the city.

Most Honiara bus stops always overcrowded with passengers standing at bus-stop for hours. This has also affected students and working class people waiting to travel to their respective schools and work places.

As a result of the difficulties faced, a lot of people are now resort to walk to their destination rather than have to wait for long hours at bus stops

Some have to take two buses to reach their desired destination.

For instance, this paper during a visit to Panatina this week observed that a good number of people waiting at the Panatina Campus bus stop had to catch a bus to Lungga in order to find free seats on buses destined for Central Market, which the writer also did then.

In the meantime, the travelling public of Honiara could still be experiencing the difficulties.

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