HCC must address street seller and overcrowded bus stop


A concerned citizen is calling on responsible authorities of Honiara City Council (HCC) to address the issue of street sellers and the overcrowded Central Market bus stop.

James Menai of Nangu village, Santa Cruz stressed the above to the paper yesterday.

He said that having seen law enforcement officers dealing with street sellers’ day in and day out only for them to return when they are not on site is a waste of time and makes no sense at all.

Menai stated that if HCC can provide a 24 hour security service, placing their law enforcement officers around the capital to ensure people don’t sell goods on the street then this would prompt street sellers to stop the practice as they would see the officers present for a long period of time in areas they would normally sell their items.

He went on to speak about the current overcrowded Central Market bus stop.

Menai explained that while the bus stop is designated for buses heading for KG and Naha Kola, buses destined for Mbarande and GIPPOL in East Guadalcanal are also swerving onto the bus stop area, taking up space of KG and Naha Kola buses.

He expressed that this has caused people and buses to hover over each other for space at the bus stop with buses causing traffic on the road.

Menai suggests that HCC find a way to deal with these buses.

He reiterates his call for Honiara City Council to address these issues and bring them to the table in their next council meeting.

“We need to develop and development involves you and me. We cannot wait on the government because the government has already provided for us. It us people who must work together to develop our country”, said Menai.

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