HCC locks in on Rhinoceros beetle

COUNCILLOR for Naha Ward Charles Aiwosuga has raised concerns about the increase of coconut Rhinoceros beetles causing damage to coconut trees within the City.

He said this is now becoming a common sight which is damaging the beautiful environment in Honiara, and is a sad scenario.

As the country and especially Honiara is preparing to host big events such as the South Pacific Games in 2023, immediate actions have to be taken.

“I would like to call on the Quarantine Department, Customs and the Ministry concern to work together with Honiara City Council to address this issue.

“Honiara is the gateway in the Solomon and to promote a beautiful image for tourism and other major events to be hosted here, we have to ensure our City has a beautiful environment,” he added.

Aiwosuga said it is time to get rid of these affected coconut trees and replace them with new ones.


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