HCC eyes stray dogs


HONIARA City Council plans to launch an operation to cull the increasing number of stray dogs in the streets of Honiara, it is reported.

Mr George Titiulu, chief inspector officer of the HCC, in an exclusive interview with this paper said the HCC taskforce is preparing to first notify all pet owners and the public before lunging into the culling stage.

He urges pet owners to register their pets and to keep them confined within their homes, so as not to be caught in the cull exercise.

Stray dogs are a nuisance for many, in terms of noise, spreading of litter along the streets, disturbance along Honiara’s road and pathways, and also pose health risks to the residents of Honiara.

Titiulu uttered this initiative will be carried out according to the dog ordinance of the council and the international law on animal rights.

He said this campaign would help the task force achieve its aims when undertaking the operation.

Titiulu said in carrying out this campaign they will be using media.

He adds for now are they focusing on combating stray dogs but later on they will work with other animals as well.

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