HCC called to provide more bins


A concerned citizen is calling on Honiara City Council (HCC) to consider the provision of more garbage bins along the streets of Honiara.

Mr Timothy Sulega of Malaita province expressed utter dismay over the town’s careless display of rubbish.

He stressed that the top reason for this eye sore of a situation is the habit or attitude of people have in disposing their rubbish wherever and however they please around the town.

On the other hand, Mr Sulega explained that one way of trying to address this matter is for HCC to provide more garbage bins, situated at least 20m in distance of the next or so to encourage the public to throw rubbish in the bins rather than on the ground.

In relation, he added that they should also carry out awareness programs in schools and communities to strengthen the importance of proper rubbish disposal whilst encouraging people to change the habit of carelessness when it comes to getting rid of rubbish.

Sulega also suggested that parents in rural communities educate their children about where and where not to dispose rubbish so that when they travel to the capital, they maintain that same habit of throwing trash in the right disposal area.

He again calls on the responsible authorities of HCC to provide more garbage bins along areas in the capital.

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