HCC asked to do more to control betel chewing attitude


THE bad side of betel chewing has continued to downgrade the ambition to improve Honiara and now the Honiara City Council (HCC) is in the final stage to impose tougher laws to control betel nut selling in Honiara.

People’s attitude is one of the huge problem that continues to deny the beauty of Honiara.

Red betel nut stains are visible in most part of Honiara including the Central Business District with filth caused by betel nut husks and spits a sickening sight.

In an interview with this paper Mr Junior Tangi said HCC can do more not only in enforcing law but improving the walk paths within the Central Business District to address such bad attitude.

“One good example within Point Cruz in the pavement in front of ITA.

“The pavement was nicely built and from observation there is no betel nut stain because betel chewers respect the pavement,” he said.

“IT will be just useless for those who are arguing that the ban on betel nuts sell in Honiara will have serious effect.

Mr Tangi said ITA has set a very good example and that business houses along Point Cruz area must assist HCC with such development.

He believes that improving the pedestrian pavement will attract betel chewers not to spit everywhere.

Mr Tangi strongly emphasised that betel chewers must also have respect to keep Honiara Town clean.

He said cooperation between people and responsible authority is the only way forward to transform Honiara into a must see destination in the pacific.

“Sometimes I feel offended when I saw tourist walking on the street full of betel nut stain as well as rubbish.

“It is a challenge for the authorities to address this issue but it will be very helpful if the general public support work of responsible authorities in trying to keep our town clean,” Mr Tangi said.

On the same note he said the ideology that banning of betel nuts would financially affect the city dwellers who depend on the business as a means to provide food on their table is a weak argument with no proper foundation.

Mr Tangi said these people have far more better advantages than their urban retailers as there are many ways of earning enough to sustain their needs such as growing cash crops and raising livestock.

He strongly emphasised that this poor excuse must not be taken lightly but focus on how the strategy to achieve a clean and beautiful town for people who work and live.

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