HCC 2018 budget caters school sanitation funds


HONIARA City Council (HCC) 2018 budget has featured sanitation funding for schools under the HCC.

This statement was revealed by the Principal Education Officer (PEO) for Honiara City Council Education Authority (HCCEA) Mr Henson Cornelius.

This is to support schools under HCC on sanitation facilities in terms of renovation and maintenance and building new sanitation facilities.

“We have featured sanitation funding for schools under HCC in the 2018 HCC budget scheme and the amount of money will purposely finances renovations and maintenance and building of new sanitation facilities.

“This idea is not coming out from nowhere to drive us but during our visits and reports stated that the current status of sanitation facilities on schools are said to be very poor and need improvement, hence we (HCC) consider it,” said Cornelius.

He said sanitation facilities may not be featured in the schemes of schools under HCC to support their hygiene facilities but it is good for HCC to take initiative to support schools on these facilities.

Additionally he said before effective learning takes place, individuals including students and teachers must live healthy and adapt in a healthy environment.

Furthermore he stated it is essential for HCCEA to work closely with school managers to avoid disconnection and communication breakdown.

“This is regarding planning of school goals and making improvements on school priority areas and so I urge school managers under HCC to work closely with HCC in 2018.”

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