Happy fathers day

HAPPY Father’s Day to all fathers in around the country.

You all deserved a special day to celebrate.

Father’s day is a special day celebrated around the world every year in recognition of the contribution of fathers in growth and development of children’s life.

Over the weekend many families celebrated the father’s day in different ways.

Some celebrated it with usual share of beers with friends, giving special gifts, treat their fathers with special dinner at homes or at restaurant, celebrate through sports, fellowship and thanksgiving.

We on behalf of all the children and mothers we want to say thank you to all fathers for your sacrifices and let you know that you are so special and our hero.

While we celebrate the special day it comes with responsibilities.

As the head of family we have the responsibility to manage our families with love, care and provide the necessities of life and protection for our families.

Being a father can be very rewarding and demanding but with great responsibilities we can live a happy life.

At times we heard domestic violence at homes blaming men but real men do not hit a woman or their children.

Our active involvement can affects our children and generations to come.

Children who have fathers who are involved in their lives — whether they are biological, adopted, or stepchildren — have a better chance of excelling socially, emotionally, and academically.

Children need fathers to provide them with the necessities of life, such as wholesome food, clothing, and shelter in a safe neighbourhood.

We must provide stability for our children to make them feel secure and have higher self-worth.

As father we are responsible for providing emotional, social, and spiritual protection and support for our family.

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