HammerHeads heading the right way: Campbell

By Taromane Martin

Henderson HammerHeads Head Coach Philip Campbell talks to his players during the Fletcher Kwaimani Man-Up Challenge…Photo Taromane Martin.

HEAD Coach for the Henderson HammerHead Sharks rugby club, Mr Philip Campbell says they are heading in the right path in terms of development within their club.

Campbell who led HammerHeads to their third Fletcher Kwaimani Man Up rugby challenge title on Saturday, said with more young players coming into their club development is starting to pick up.

“We’ve been building our squad now over the past six years. We have some fresh bloods coming in from last year and this year,” he told SunSPORTS.

“Certainly where HammerHeads rugby is going its heading in the right direction to where we want it to be going.

“We have more young players coming into the team which is good for the club’s development because some of our experienced and senior players are getting old and hanging up their boots.

“Development within the club is certainly starting to pick up now.

“Defending the title obviously it is a big achievement for us and it certainly goes to show that it can be possible, only if you work hard for it and it’s good to see things paying off for us,” he said.

Campbell said with more rugby competitions coming up they are looking forward to compete in them but are keeping a keen eye on the 2018 Honiara Rugby Union Association (HRUA) rugby 15s competition.

“We’re looking forward for more competition. This Friday we’re having the PAC 7s competition and then there’s another rugby 7s series competition which Islanders rugby club will be hosting.

“And then the big one is the Honiara Rugby Union Association (HRUA) 15s competition which kicks off in six weeks’ time.

“We are looking forward and excited to competing in this HRUA 15s competition.

“Lots of rugby for everyone but for now HammerHeads is looking forward for the PAC 7s competition here at the DC Park rugby field,” he said.

Meanwhile HRUA has confirmed that the 2018 15s competition is set to kick off next month on the 14th.

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