Gulatatae shipping company

DEAR EDITOR, the dealings in which several individuals they themselves become directors and the shareholders at the same time within the Gulataetae shipping company as stated by Alfred Sasako in the public media on Thursday May 10, 2018 is a great concern to us the people of East Kwaio and so the issue deserve some clarifications from the MP for East Kwaio Mr Standley Sofu.

The truth is that Gulatatae ship was purchased from the transport public fund within the MID that channelled through the MP for East Kwaio and so the priority of ownership should be given to the people of East Kwaio.

Any abnormal dealings with the ownership through shareholding within the Gulatatae shipping company is a questionable and suspicious matters.

The both existing sea and land transportation investments formed under the name of Gulatatae company need clarification or else it does not speak well about good leadership under the current MP for East Kwaio Stanley Sofu that show no compassion to the poor struggling people of East Kwaio.

The people of East Kwaio need transparency and accountability key pillars of good leadership and management to be prevailed in any form of investments establish from the public funds donated from national government through their MPs.

Because those are the golden privileges the government has given to the people to make some differences in their livelihood when it comes to socio economic development.

God bless the people of East Kwaio.


Jacob Ofasia

Talise Market

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