Guale, Temotu discuss possible sister relationship

TPG Deputy Premier: Hon. Nickson Lanoli; GP Deputy Premier: Hon. Lazarus Rina; TPG Minister of Home Affairs: Hon. Nicholus Luwi
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DEPUTY Premiers of Guadalcanal and Temotu provinces have met to initiate discussions towards establishing sister relations between the two provinces.

Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal, Lazarus Rina and his Temotu counterpart, Nickson Lanoli met during celebrations marking the Temotu Provincial day last week in Lata.

Both leaders agree that any sister relations must benefit both provinces. 

Both identified areas that may be considered in the sister relation, including but not limited to food security, trading and investments, resettlements and human resources.

On Human resources, the Guadalcanal leader explained that more than 30% of the workforce in Guadalcanal Plains Oil Palm Limited (GPPOL) comes from Temotu Province.

He said this is a great contribution from Temotu in the development of Guadalcanal province.

“In fact, this is not new as this workforce recruitment has always been there since CDC was here,” he explained.

In response, the Deputy Premier of Temotu Province expressed gratitude for keeping and offering employment opportunity to the people of his province.

He said this only explained the lack of development in the province to retain them.

“If they had been misbehaving while living and working in your province, I offer my deepest apology on their behalf to the government and people of Guadalcanal Province for behaving that way in Guadalcanal province” he said.

He further states that the initiation of this sister relation will help allow the two provinces consider sharing of benefits back to the originating province of the workforce for development enhancement.

Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal Province also expressed his happiness to have reached Lata in Temotu Province.

He said, he has never been to Lata in the past and his attendance at the 38th Second Appointed Day of the province gave a new perspective in the development of the provinces in the country.

He said in all the provinces he went to, they have no open park like Lata, it is so beautiful and would not mind relocating to Lata with a smile.

He said this is a model province in its physical development, a challenge he will want to bring back to his executive in the establishment of their new headquarter at Mamara.

In saying this he is making an open invitation to the Deputy Premier of Temotu Province to come to Guadalcanal Province Second appointed day celebration in August 2021 in which the Deputy Premier of Temotu Province have already accepted.

–Temotu Province Press