Guale spending drops this year

Guadalcanal Province Minister of Finance Andrew Tahisihaka
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Guadalcanal province is looking at spending less this year.

Provincial finance minister, Andrew Tahisihaka shared this on Monday this week when the Assembly debated the 2021-2022 appropriation bill.

He said the 2021-2022 Recurrent Expenditure is $15,340,257 which is “reduced by 18.9 percent in comparison to the Recurrent Expenditure for the 2020/2021 financial year”.

Tahisihaka explained the total Capital Expenditure budget is $14,543,515 which represents 48.7 percent of the Total Recurrent and Capital Expenditure budget.

He said that compared to 2020-2021 the Capital Expenditure has been reduced by 7.86 percent to $14,543,515.

Tahisuhaka added that the capital expenditure budget due to the cut of $2,941,214.46 has a huge impact on the new capital projects planned for implementation in the 2021-2022 financial year.

He explained that the support sector in terms of the Social Service Sector, a total of $2,310,001 is being allocated for the previous 2020-2021 projects and as well as two major projects including the installation of solar project for GPG HQ and Marau Sub-Headquarter Admin block (phase1).

“Our Education Sector received a total of $4,446,097 for the construction of Rate CHS Assembly Hall which completion works are finishing in 2021/2022, Bolale CHS girl’s dormitory, St Joseph’s NSS dormitory and Kuma CHS girl’s dormitory are new projects for 2021/2022 financial year.”

Thus, he said the Health Sector, a total of $1,480,027 is allocated for the completion of construction works of health facilities commenced in 2020/2021 financial year around Guadalcanal Province, whilst the Economic and Productive Sector receives a total budget of SBD$1,417,533, and the Civic Affairs receives a total of $741,344.

The Assembly meeting continues today.