Guadalcanal women welcome women caucus program

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GUADALCANAL Council of Women has welcomed the Provincial Women Caucus Leaders initiative.

President of Guadalcanal Council of Women (GCW) Ms Alice Hou said the initiative paves a way forward towards building a greater benefit for Guadalcanal women.

She adds that the initiative will reinforce women participation in decision making on issues affecting women.

Hou said Provincial Women Caucus Leaders program will be an instrument that will link existing gap between women development aspirations and Guadalcanal provincial executive.

“This platform will boost women’s priority developments, agendas and other ambitions in the provincial level.

“Our provincial government will endorse the work plan as such it will be a legally sealed document, meaning the provincial government must bow to the agreement and do women a favor,” she said.

Hou said Guadalcanal Province Executive and Guadalcanal Council of women have set different footing when comes to women’s agendas and that the program will change for the better.