Guadalcanal women challenged to be innovative and creative to earn an income


Ms Joy Ellen Alfred, Women Development officer from Women Development Division (WDD) of Guadalcanal Provincial government.

WOMEN in rural areas of Guadalcanal province have very limited sources of income to help support their families, hence the need for them to venture into innovative and creative avenues for income.

This was expressed by Ms Joy Ellen Alfred who is the Women Development officer from Women Development Division (WDD) of Guadalcanal Provincial government.

She voiced the sentiment on Tuesday at Northeast Guadalcanal’s Tasimboko area, addressing members of five women’s savings clubs.

Alfred stated that the task of achieving a sustainable livelihood is a challenge for women in Guadalcanal.

She went on to stress that the factors behind this struggle are accessibility to roads and transport, effects of changing weather patterns and other issues.

Alfred said that with this scenario, Guadalcanal women have to move into new heights in way of earning an income thus have to be innovative and creative in what they produce.

She added that working with the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA), her office have tried their best to teach women and girls various techniques in cooking, creating garments and other skills to help them produce their own products to help them earn their own money.

Addressing guest visitor, President of the Pacific Regional Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) organization, Ms Gail Commens who was also present at the gathering, she said the women’s’ savings clubs present were established with support from her office and MWYCFA.

Alfred mentioned that reports presented by the members also indicate that the clubs have helped them meet their basic needs and other expenses for necessities like education, school fees and health.

It is understood that Guadalcanal Provincial government’s Women Development Division (WDD) is working with 385 registered groups comprising of 10 women associations, 15 women savings and credit clubs, 47 women’s groups and 313 church women groups.

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