Guadalcanal province seeks injunction against Sino Capital

AFTER issuing a Stop Notice to Sino Capital to stop logging in the Aola ward area of Guadalcanal Province weeks ago, the Guadalcanal Provincial Executive lead by premier Francis Sade decided to file a High Court case to seek injunction against Sino Capital and its contractor, New Ocean Ltd.

Information reaching YTTF appears to suggests that the High Court case has been prepared and expected to be filed by Guadalcanal Province next week.

According to information reaching YTTF, Guadalcanal Province is alleging in its court documents that Sino Capital Felling Licences were obtained as a result of a fraudulent Timber Rights Hearing way back around 2006 or 2007.

Sino Capital and its contractor, New Ocean, are currently operating in Aola ward area of East Central Guadalcanal. Sino Capital is owned by controversial figure, Gary Geah.

YTTF has been reliably informed that there are moves to destabilize the Guadalcanal Provincial Executive as a result of its decision to stand up against Sino Capital.

However, YTTF has spoken to some prominent Guadalcanal leaders who have said they support the move taken by the Guadalcanal Provincial Executive to correct mistakes done by previous provincial leaders, with one Guadalcanal prominent person telling YTTF “the current administration of Francis Sade must be commented for standing up to powerful self- interest groups that have been ruining our province for far too long.”

There have been rumors circulating that Sino Capital owner, Gary Geah, has a close relationship with some senior politicians and government officials in the government.

The issue will likely tests this alleged links between Gary Gaeh and his political protectors.

It is understood the case will be heard next week.

However the High Court has not confirmed the actual hearing of the matter according to information reaching YTTF.

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