At loggerheads

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Asian logger wants SFA registration cancelled


THE Managing Director of Orion Limited, Chan Chee Min has called on the Registrar of Companies to exercise the “Statutory Obligations” and the “Fiduciary Duty” to cancel the registration of Solomon Forest Association (SFA).

In Orion Limited letter dated 04th January 2021 to the Registrar of Companies, Chan Chee Min say that:

1.         It is a crystal clear case that the Executives (Presidents) of SFA has breached its Constitutions clause 6.

2.         SFA Executives (President) through its legal counsel did not give reason/s to justify their (SFA) Executives (Presidents) unilateral action that cancel Orion Limited SFA membership and removed Orion Limited from the SFA register.

3.         SFA, through its legal counsel gave lame excuse/s saying it is a private quarrel.

4.         SFA legal counsel has accused the Registrar of Companies to allow outside persons to use the Registrar of Companies office to further their interest or to solve disputes with other outside bodies or person.

Chan Chee Min said SFA Executives (President) has unilaterally cancelled Orion Limited SFA membership and removed it from its registry.

He said this is crystal clear that SFA breached its Constitution, Clause 6.

Furthermore, Chan Chee Min said that he expected SFA and its legal counsel to be smarter and truthful than to give lame excuses.

He said that these are matters of “statutes” and statutory compliance.

“This is clear that SFA Executives (Presidents) lacks maturity in leadership and therefore SFA is not functional,” he added.

Chan said this is again clear that SFA lacks maturity to differentiate “private”, “statutes” and “statutory compliance” and again SFA is not functional.

He said that the Registrar of Companies is a “Statutory Body” or “Forum” constitutionally enshrined with statutory power to address matters and breaches committed by entity holder registered under the Companies Act and Charitable Trust Act.

Chan said that justice must be seen and justice shall prevail.

Acting Registrar of Companies at Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Tobit Taravu said he just received the letter from Orion yesterday and will make the response this week.

Attempts to talk with SFA were unsuccessful.