Guadalcanal plans to limit logging operations

Logging in Solomon Islands. Photo supplied
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GUADALCANAL Province is planning to limit the number of logging companies operating in the province and focus more on conserving the environment.

Premier Francis Sade revealed this during the 38th second appointed day celebration at Tenaru.

He said whilst logging is a major industry in the province and throughout Solomon Islands, it has huge negative environmental and social impacts and customary landowners do not always benefit from it.

“We also plan to look at limiting the number of logging companies and focus more on environmental conservation and protections in terms of carbon trading,” Sade said.

He said recently GP Forestry Division had visited several logging companies and camps in east and west Guadalcanal a first ever logging assessment and valuation exercises since 1985.

He said their goal is to have better regulatory implementations with the logging partners. And also, to ensure that logging companies follow environmental regulations and pay their debts to the province.