Guadalcanal improves revenue collection

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The Guadalcanal Province’s revenue collection strategies have improved this year.

This is according to Guadalcanal Premier Francis Sade during his speech at the province’s 37th Second Appointed Day Anniversary on Monday.

Premier Sade told the huge crowd that attended the ceremony that this year, the Guadalcanal Provincial Government collected $4.7 million in local revenue.

“In the first quarter of the 2019/2020 financial year we collected $2.8 million. In the same period of the last financial year 2020/2021 we collected over $3.2 million.  In the same period this year, we collected 4.7 million in local revenue. 

“My government still believes that this does not reflect the actual revenue that the province should get from business licenses, property rates, basic rates, etc,” Premier Sade said.

He said the province now has 95% updated data on businesses, vehicles and properties within the province with more work in these areas progressing.

The premier said Guadalcanal Provincial Government’s reserve stands at $337,540.72 in the first quarter.

He said property rates and land fees are the province’s biggest revenue and were yet to be fully collected. 

“My government had just completed work on GP Land Rating Role 2020 – 2025 and is waiting for final approval. 

“Thank you, the Honourable Minister, Permanent Secretary, and all ranks and files in the Ministry of Lands and Housing for supporting Guadalcanal province. This is a legal document needed for the Property Rate Revenue Collection by the Government.”

The premier said with the Governments new updated Land Rating Role, Guadalcanal Province’s total Projected Property Rates Revenue for this year is estimated at $92, 264,022.78.

The land Rental fees is projected at $3,111,501.16.

“This should give a total of $95,375,523.94 for Land Property Rates and Land Rental fees that Guadalcanal Province should collect this financial year, 2021/2022.

“In terms of land fees in Honiara, work is still progressing and will further increase the projection of land rental fees,” the premier said.