Guadalcanal education authority lying?

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MANDELA Primary School management says the Chief Education Officer of Guadalcanal province has lied in the media.

This follows CEO Maesac Suia’s statement on SIBC last Friday that Mandela school is not registered under the province’s education authority.

He told SIBC that they had supplied teachers to Mandela only to meet the needs of students there, despite the school’s non-registered status.

A second allegation Suia relayed to SIBC was there was a disagreement between the founder of the school, Mrs Linda Ago’oka, and the teaching staff.

However, Mrs Ago’oka has slammed Suia’s media claims, saying not one of them is true.

She maintains that Mandela primary school is registered under the Guadalcanal education authority (GEA), adding that the impasse in Mandela school is due to a dispute between her and the school’s head teacher – not the whole teaching staff.

Island Sun, meanwhile, has a copy of a letter from Suia to Mandela school which states the school as registered under the GEA.

In his letter dated February 16, 2017, Suia confirmed that Mandela extension Primary School is registered under Lungga Primary School effective beginning this year.

The letter elaborates that Lungga Primary School is the mother of Mandela Extension Primary School whereby the Deputy Head Teacher of Lungga will take charge of Mandela school.

Suia also stated in his letter that the founder and community of Mandela Extension School ensures the head teacher in charge of Mandela performs a transparent role in managing Mandela Primary School.

Ago’oka is shocked that Suia is singing a different tune in the media: “Look at this letter dated 16th February this year, it had his signatories on it and I’m just surprise to see him go to SIBC and said a different story.

“We have the copy of this letter to prove if we are honest and not deceitful,” Ago’oka said.

She reiterates that the ones suffering from the issue are the students, adding that she is prepared to head to the table for a solution with the GEA, donors and the ministry of education.

Attempts for comments from Guadalcanal province education office were futile yesterday.