Growing interest for cattle farming in Malaita



MALAITA provincial agriculture office reports that there is a positive outlook for cattle farming in the province.

The onus is now on the national agriculture and livestock ministry to supply cattle.

A staff from the livestock department under Malaita Provincial Agriculture Office, Mr Carlos Fa’alimae made the statement in light of the growing demand for cattle farming by people in the province.

He said a lot of people have visited their office enquiring and registering interest to farm cattle.

Fa’alimae said every interested person have shown that they have everything and what is left is the cattle themselves.

He said some farmers have already been distributed with cattle and Malaita agriculture office has proved their commitment.

Fa’alimae said all these farmers were working without help from the government, as they met their own expenses to accomplish their interest. They did all they can on their own.

He said there are more than 20 cattle farmers in the province, and most of them are gathering farmers – farming one or two cattle.

Fa’alimae said the office continues to receive positive report from the farmers.

He said apart from those already engaged in the business, there are lots of people coming to their office with the interest of engaging in the business.

Fa’alimae said the office has carefully noted down their interests, and as long as MAL arranges for cattle they would distribute cattle to the interested farmers.

He said they had distributed more than 50 heads of cattle to farmers around the province some time ago.

Fa’alimae said the province’s cattle breeding head at Maoa farm in West Kwaio is reportedly flourishing.

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