GP opens to donors on its health service

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Guadalcanal Province is open to any donor partner willing to help its dire health service, says Premier Francis Sade.

Mr Sade uttered this at the commemoration of the province’s 38th second appointed day yesterday.

“My Executive Government is open up to any donor partners who wish to also help us on our dire health situation,” Sade said.

He said the COVID-19 community transmission early this year is an example of why Guadalcanal needs an improved health service especially in terms of a tertiary hospital and second level medical stores.

“This is on the top priority list on a short/medium plan and the consultation with MHMS/SIG is ongoing at the moment.

“Having these two important health infrastructures would help solve the overcrowding of sick patients at the National Referral Hospital,” Sade said.

He also highlighted the positive progress done by the GP Health and Medical Division.

This includes:

Opening of the Aola and Avu Avu Area Health Centers which are of high quality and built in accordance with the Ministry of Health Role Delineation Policy Standards.

“Combined action and operation to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 through the establishment of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), this is something which has never been done before.

“An increased provincial commitment to health human resources whereby five nurses have been employed by GPG early this year.

“The first ever clinic renovation by the provincial government at Barainagho Clinic, in Talise Ward, which was completed in April.

“All six GP Health Zones now have medical doctors posted to them. If accommodation is sorted out we will have our people accessing the services of a medical doctor at their nearest Area Health Center, something no province has achieved yet, and dental officers and support staff will follow soon.”

“And lastly, the improvement of nurse to population ratio at 0.8, which never been done for the last five years, this is due to the increased number of nurses to GP. We also thank the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for this,” Sade said.

Guest of honour and Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) Rollen Seleso since the beginning of this year, Guadalcanal has been hit hard by the community transmission of the covid-19 virus.

“Our fight against the virus has taken much of our time, resources, and efforts. It has affected our ability to set up better plans and work programs. You will note that most of our work plans and implementations are heavily influenced by this virus,” Seleso said.

He adds they experienced the impact it has on the public sector, churches, community groups and other sectors as well, particularly in terms of tourism, shipping, communication, transportation, health and education.

“The revenue collection capabilities of both the National Government and Provinces were also severely hampered and affected service delivery networks. I believe it has also impacted on the distribution of funds to our nine provinces, which subsequently affected our communities.

“Despite this transmission and the disturbances it has created, I believe we had not lost focus on the significance of development,” Seleso said.