GP builds new market facility at Hells Point


A new crops market is being built at the Hells Point area, east Honiara, by the Guadalcanal provincial government.

The market targets women of the province by providing a safe and accessible avenue to sell their garden and farm products.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Government (GPG) under its six month project of PCDF—(Provincial Capacity Development Fund) is currently digging the drainage system and setting the foundation for the market building. Building of the market house begins soon after.

Work is expected to complete this year depending on the availability of funds.

The land was secured from Levers Company.

The project is GPG’s concept after assessment and consultation conducted in communities around Guadalcanal with recommendation from women to establish a proper market complex.

Deputy Provincial Secretary for Guadalcanal Provincial Government, Mr John Steward said the project stands to benefit the province as well as the citizens of Honiara.

Steward said over the years GP women faced challenges in accessing the Honiara Central Market in terms of space, transportation and crowded.

This has forced them to turn to their provincial government to build for them a market facility.

“I think this is one of the project people on east side and town dweller would excited about because we have another avenue as we know fresh produce are coming from rural areas,” Steward said.

Guadalcanal minister for works, infrastructure and telecommunication, Mr Andrew Rayboy said the province plans to build two markets at both ends of Honiara.

He says they are still working on securing a piece of land for the west Honiara market.

He said the market is open for public and anyone can access the facility to sell their goods if the market infrastructure is complete.

The market will be under GPG administration – they will be responsible for recruitments, safety and security and legal affairs.

As times goes GP will look at other alternatives.


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