Govt yet to pay $22M to Mamara investor


THE Government is still to pay the $22 million to Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd.

This following rumours that the Government has paid the company owned by  Singapore’s Metropolis Pacific Ptd Limited.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration (MCILI), Riley Mesepitu said there is no payment yet.

Mesepitu said the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey will facilitate the payment.

However, he said so far there is no payment unless an agreement is signed.

Mesepitu said the Government Communication Unit is expected to put out a press releases this week explaining the issue of payment to the company.

In a leaked letter from the current developer, Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd dated 17 May 2021, the company is seeking Government to prepare a payment of more than $21 million for the first 30 completed houses proposed for the Public Servants Housing Scheme.

The letter was addressed to the Minister of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Hon. Frederick Kologeto and copied to a number for Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and the Premier of Guadalcanal Province

The houses include:

  1. Type A: 3 bedroom and 2-bathroom costs $997,000 each. So, the 5 houses will cost $4,987,500.
  2. Type B: 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom cost $798,000 each. So, the 10 houses will cost $7,980,000.
  3. Type C: 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom cost $598,500 each. So, the 15 houses will cost $8,977,500.

A citizen, Michael Salini posted on Yumi Tok Tok Forum on social media in May 20 this year, there are serious concerns already expressed by Solomon Islanders who believe their tax dollars have been used by the government to construct and pay for the Mamara housing estate.

“For its part the Solomon Islands Government has not been forthcoming with its MoU with Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd.

“Similarly, the government has not been transparent with the public about its financial arrangements with Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd,” Salini said.

He said the MoU and financial arrangements between the Solomon Islands Government and Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd were endorsed by the Cabinet.

“There has been suggestions in the past by critics of the government’s involvement in the Mamara housing development that the Solomon Islands Government would ultimately pay for the houses.

“The letter by Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd is now confirmation that taxpayers of Solomon Islands will be used to pay for these pre-fab houses at Mamara Estate,” he added.

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