Gov’t communication officers reminded of their roles


YOU are duty bound to provide information that is correct, accurate and is designed to educate our people.

The above statement was made by Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela who officially launched the “SIG Information/Press Officers Workshop” yesterday at the Iron Bottom Sound conference room.

Moreover, he voiced that providing proper information comes with the scope of importance in dimensions like educating the public, keeping up with the rapidly changing society and bearing in mind that information disseminated is up to date and transparent of materials that are divisive and dangerous.

Prime Minister Hou added that the above is more important given the rise of social media, which thrives on rumor, speculation and half-truths.

Regarding social media, he stressed that as a powerful source of information in the country as, press officers are guardians of information thus have the duty of providing necessary protection for our people.

Speaking on the communication officers’ roles, Hou expressed that they are tasked with the responsibility of providing people with information about the inner workings of the government particularly, on how government policies are implemented and how the implementation of these policies will have an impact on their lives.

“To that end this event is not only significant to our information and press officers but to our government and the people at large,” he said.

Hou also took the opportunity to voice his support and mentioned that the government will continue to prioritize such trainings for government press officers.

“I am optimistic that this workshop will impact the necessary knowledge and skills that will help bring about a positive outcome for your respective ministries and the government as a whole.

“You can be reassured that the Democratic Coalition for Change Government under my leadership will continue to prioritise training both locally and internationally to develop and enhance your skills,” he said.

The workshop included top government communications officers namely; Secretary to the Prime Minister Mr John Junior Muria, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Mr Douglas Marau, Director of Government Communication Unit Mr George Herming, Former Director of Government Communication Unit Mr Alfred Maesulia, Mr Robert Iroga of Solomon Business Magazine (SBM) and veteran press advisor Mr George Atkin along with a good number of press officers representing various ministries.

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