Gov’t called to address border issue



WESTERN Province Premier Wayne Maepioh has brought the issue of the country’s border with PNG to the attention of the national government and donors.

Speaking in the province’s second full assembly yesterday, Mr Maepioh said “We have a very volatile situation at our border in which it needs urgent attention and immediate actions by our national government and donor partners.”

Maepioh highlights the tense security situation at the border, saying that law and order there is fragile.

“We have incidents of the past that keep repeating and reoccurring that warrant urgent action by the government.

“Our appeal to the National government is to re-equipt and put more resources, logistics and capacity at the border so that we have some administration, management and control over the boarder issues.

“We are in dire need of permanent arrangement and occupations as it was in the past.”

Maepioh said that Western province needs to have the investors’ confidence, provide conducive environment and social security in which the people’s safety is guaranteed.

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