Gov’t bounces back

DCCG SHOWS RESILIENCE: With the motion of no confidence looming next Monday, government is fighting back. Yesterday, 8 new ministers were sworn in to fill up vacant portfolios. Among them are two who had defected recently, Hon Garu and Hon Mua. (Pictured) The new ministers after their swearing in (missing is Hon Duddley Kopu). Photo from PMO Press Secretariat
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Two defectors return to DCCG, eight new ministers sworn in


A total of 8 ministers took their Oath of Allegiance and Oath of Office yesterday at the Government House.

They are; Hon Ishmael Avui, as Minister for Development, Planning and Aid Coordination; Hon Augustine Auga, Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development; Hon Nestor Ghiro, Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening; Hon Bradley Tovosia, Minister for Forest and Research; Hon Moses Garu, Minister for Home Affairs; Hon Jimson Fiau Tanagada, Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services; Hon Dickson Mua – Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification; and Hon Duddley Kopu, – Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development.

Out of the eight new ministers who had sworn in, Moses Garu and Dickson Mua are the returning members who had resigned over the weekend.

Speaking about why they decided to return to the DCCG side, they mentioned that while the DCCG has only one year left, joining the Opposition to remove the Prime Minister will make no positive difference to national development.

According to Mua, there is no justified reason as to why the current Prime Minister should be removed and should it eventuate will only lead to uncertainty over who is going to be the next Prime Minister, which is not in national interest.

The swearing-in ceremony was witnessed by the Prime Minister, several members of Cabinet, Government Caucus and senior Government officials.

This ministerial shuffling came as a result of resignations of several former ministers who defected and joined the Opposition camp.

Amid these resignations, a Motion of No-Confidence (MNC) has been submitted to be debated in Parliament next week.

Meanwhile, a statement from Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the motion comes in light of unsubstantiated motives which relate to the Anti- Corruption Bill (ACB) and is a cover up for the lack of performance by some former ministers.

The Prime Minister says, “The DCCG has progressive view of the ACB. Detractors have a cyclical and inconsistent view to this which is highlighted by the diverging statements recently in the media and confirms the Defectors have no intention of passing the ACB until the end of 2018 while the Opposition Group verified their support for the ACB to be passed yet stopped short of saying when.

“It has been clear to me through Caucus and Cabinet meetings the defectors were apprehensive about the ACB.”

The Prime Minister also reiterated; “The defectors say they have no confidence in me and are unhappy with the Chief of Staff who is just doing his job as an employee under my directions and that of Cabinet and Caucus as a Government Official, which does not justify an MNC due to the fact that he can be relieved of duty at any time without having to provoke political instability.”

The core DCCG MPs remain strong and are confident that the national interest will prevail over personal agendas which is why former ministers are returning to assume ministerial portfolios.

The DCCG believes and wants to reiterate that political stability is paramount to progress and development.