Gov’t aims strong & vibrant western province  


Newly elected Premier of Western province, David Gina

WESTERN Province Premier David Gina says his government is eager to build a strong and vibrant Western province.

Gina echoed this statement in his 40th Independence Anniversary speech on Friday held at the JF Kennedy Stadium with this year’s theme “Redirecting our Journey at 40” on Friday.

He said that on the pillars of “democracy, unity, good governance and faith in the living God”.

The People of the Western province firmly believes, that the way forward, would be achieved by providing good policies conducive to create favorable environment and situation in the Province.

Gina said people are empowered to raise themselves in the new era, where they would engage in beneficial activities and businesses so that our people of the Western Province would live a simple but acceptable standard of living, which reflects their dignity”.

“Our new WPG policy statement, Translation and Implementation documents will set out the directions and guidelines which our Provincial Government will progress the destiny of this Province in the years to come. It will focus on the major strategic areas of development to create a Peaceful, Progress and prosperous Western province”.

“This represents a significant redirection and brings to bear a new mission and vision in the roadmap for the future of the Western Province. The role and the Mission of my provincial Government are to make sure and ensure that all legislations, policies, and regulatory requirements and mechanisms are duly exercised in a manner benefiting our sovereignty and the mandate to govern and to develop our beloved Western Province,” said Gina.

He said WPG believes that equitable and sustainable development can only be achieved through strategically focused rural development policies which ensure economic growth in our Province.

Gina believes that in the fostering a greater senses of National Unity and Identity among our diverseness and in that, the Provincial Government that he leading will make and sure that Resources and logistics are shifted to focus on socio – economic infrastructural development, to ensure economic growth and rural advancement in the rural areas.

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