Government says it will settle $32.4M owed to Levers.

The Prime Minister's Office.
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GOVERNMENT is committed to settle the $32.4 million ordered by the High Court that is owed to Levers Solomon Limited.

Attorney General John Muria Junior told reporters yesterday that both parties have gone through discussion to settle the money.

He said one thing that must remain clear is government at no point in time will it not pay because it’s a court judgement.

“All along since this matter came before court, government never said it will not pay.

“What comes before the last case was on tax component which the court agreed and minus $50 million to $32.4 million. Court removes tax that LSL owed the Government and was left with $32.4,” he said.

Muria said there were good discussions held with LSL on Tuesday and both parties came up with a settlement approach.

“Parties will be making a statement once matters are fully settled,” he added.

However, LSL said if no settlement is done before today, there is high possibility of repossessing its property at Hell’s Point, east Honiara.

At the negotiations, the LSL representatives were Director Patrick Wong, Alice Willy (lawyer), Geoffrey McDonald, Barrister at law and landowners who are directors.

SIG was represented by Ministry of Finance and Treasury Permanent Secretary, Dentana Mckini, Solicitor General, Accountant General, Investment Cooperation of Solomon Islands (ICSI) Director, Tukana Bovoro, Attorney General and Commissioner of Lands, Alan McNeil.