Remaining balance to be settled November


GOVERNMENT has made a part payment of $20 million to Levers Solomon Limited (LSL) relating to the Hell’s point land at Alligator, east Honiara recently.

But it still owes LSL $12.4 million as the High Court ordered the government to pay a total of $32.4 million.

LSL has confirmed yesterday Government proposed to pay the balance (as per SIG calculations) by mid November 2022.

This happened after LSL has given the counter offer to SIG last week.

High Court Deputy Chief Justice, Rex Foukona on16th August 2022 made an order for the Government to pay LSL $32.4 million plus interests by 13th September 2022.

However, Attorney General John Muria Junior told media recently that both parties have gone through discussion to settle the money.

He said one thing that must remain clear is government at no point in time will not pay because it’s a court judgement.

“All along since this matter came before court, government never said it will not pay,” Muria said.

“What comes before the last case was on the tax component which the court agreed and minus $50 million to $32.4 million,” he explained.

“The Court deducted tax that LSL owed the Government and was left with $32.4.”

However, the court made it clear payments should be paid on the deadline without mentioning any instalment.

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