Government needs to recognise its employees: Sisilo


PERMANENT Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service Nego Sisiolo says the Solomon Islands Government should recognise its highly trained professionals.

He made the comment during the Permanent Secretaries and Under Secretaries Forum at the Heritage Park Hotel when asked about his views on the magistrates’ notice for an increase on their housing entitlements.

PS Sisiolo said magistrates are people of high calibre and the government should value their service to the people of this country.

“They are highly trained professionals like the lawyers and any other professional cadres we have in the country.

“And compared to what the government paid to them it is does not match their professionals,” Mr Sisiolo said.

He said the government must consider its employees’ claims and address them.

“The responsibilities of a Lawyer and Magistrate are stressful and involve risking their lives so if the Government can value that,” Mr Sisiolo said

Recently this paper ran a story on government magistrates threatening to resign from their jobs unless their housing allowance is increased to $7,500 a month immediately.

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