Goodbye old Honiara

Honiara City Councilor, Reginald Ngati said a review of the Honiara City Act will not change the image of the Capital.. Photo Benz Newman
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HCC orders closure of large portion of Pt Cruz CBD buildings


A good number of old familiar buildings in Point Cruz have been ordered to be shut down by the Honiara City Council (HCC).

Starting from the Honiara Hot Bread building to the Honiara Casino, they have been passed off as unfit and unsafe for humans to live in and use.

The landlords and 14 tenants of these buildings were given their orders by the Chief Health Inspector of the HCC on August 8, with a three-month timeframe to close up shops and businesses.

Chief Health Inspector George Titiulu said yesterday that the closure is purposely to have the old buildings renovated, adding that the possibility of demolition depends on whether the landlords adhere to HCC’s closing order.

He said HCC and some of the landlords are currently in talks over other alternatives.

Titiulu highlights the Council’s policy which demands that all buildings within the city’s CBD are up to standard.

The Order states; “This is as a feedback from the examinations of the mentioned premises, way back in 2015, as provided for under the Environmental Health CAP 99, Part Section 62, and Section 63.

“Thus, this letter is purposely requesting, Honiara City Council as the Local authority to issue a closing order, declaring that the foresaid buildings as listed are not fit for human habitation or occupation.

“And to direct that such dwelling or building or part thereof shall not after the time lapse of Three (3) months from the date of this letter, (8th August 2017) be inhabited or cease occupying by any person.”

It is understood that the same order was issued to the owner of the old building adjacent to the main market, to which a new one was built – now called the Central Plaza.