Gold Ridge Mine begins recommissioning

THE first phase of the Gold Ridge Mine office and accommodation reconstruction recently completed with the second phase starting this week.

Phase one marked the first construction work on site aimed at returning the mine to production in early 2019.

This work follows months of planning and site review to decide the extent and cost of the refurbishment to look at opportunities to improve the efficiency and profitability of the mine.

This first phase of construction involved the installation of new walls, window frames, ceilings, and the re-establishment of the electricity supply to the mine office as well as the first stage of the accommodation redevelopment. 17 local workers were involved in the reconstruction works for phase one.

March sees the commencement of phase two with experts in operations, mining and machinery arriving to undertake detailed design work as well as to start site infrastructure works including road repairs and bridge design works.

About 40 local personnel are forecast to be employed for a three-month period beginning in late March. During the month, materials to refurbish site office buildings and laboratories will arrive in Honiara.

Gold Ridge community landowners and chiefs said that it was good to see local people involved in the reconstruction and using and improving their skills.

Community awareness in the Gold Ridge Community Landowner Association, Kolobosi Tailings Dam and Matepono Downstream Association areas also starts this week. “Our community relations team has spent the last six weeks engaging with Chiefs and landowners to develop an awareness programme for communities,” Walton Naezon, Director of GRML, said.

“We thank landowners for volunteering their time to guide our community activities to meet the needs of our communities.”

Allen Wang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for GRML, reinforced the importance of the relationship with landowners, “Our community awareness approach recognises that landowners are vital partners in the recommissioning and delivery of Gold Ridge Mine with landowners and company representatives jointly delivering the awareness,” said Mr Wang.


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