3 countries converge on the Western province, more project and development talks


THREE countries are in the Western province this week, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Premier David Gina says this is a first, however, a pleasing development for his province.

It comes to show the interest these countries have for Western province and to help build it, says the premier who is knit up in a tight schedule to host the diplomats.

The diplomatic missions of these countries are in the province to discuss continuing projects as well as potential new ones.

The Australian High Commissioner and his delegation arrived yesterday morning in Gizo immediately embarking on a series of meetings, visits and signing of the PlasticWise Project.

His Excellency, Dr Lachlan Strahan and his delegates met and held discussions with Premier Gina and the Provincial Police Commander of Western Province.

Strahan’s delegation also visited Alpheus Rore Memorial School – less than 15 minutes’ drive from Gizo, before ending the day sealing off the PlasticWise Project at the Western Province Women Centre.

Behind the scene, officials from the embassy of the People’s Republic of China slipped into Gizo visiting some of their projects. The officials also arrived yesterday morning.

Premier Gina was in Noro yesterday for the launching of the Noro Port Lights.

He will meet with New Zealand High Commission delegation today in Noro before returning to Gizo for his meeting with the Chinese delegation.

Officials from the provincial government meanwhile share with Island Sun that this occurrence is interesting and that Western Province will make use of the opportunity under the “friend to all, enemy to none” principle.

This paper understand that Western Province is one of the recipients of the AUD30 million project for infrastructure, health and economic development, so as the AUD25 million Strongim Bisnis Project.

It is unknown what China is bringing to the table for the country’s tourism hub. One thing for sure is that officials of the provincial government are excited at the prospects of more development for Western province.

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