“Go-fund-me” Project created by the Mai-Maasina Green Belt Charitable Initiative.

DEAR EDITOR, a project to preserve and protect the remainder of Malaita’s virgin rain forest has been launched in the Solomon Islands via Facebook and donations are being requested.

I quote the details outlying the project published, also, on Linkedin.

“More than 90% of Malaita’s virgin rainforests have either been logged or a planned to be. Malaita is an oceanic island of around 4 thousand square kilometers and is the most populated island in the Solomon Islands.

 “We have received calls from many communities through-out Malaita who want to protect their natural resources for future generation. We have established the Mai-Maasina Green Belt charitable initiative to create a network of these ‘green’ areas on Malaita, so that tribes through geographically separate can stand together.

“ We have around 10 communities ranging from inland mountains through to coastal mangroves who are making this call and we need support to visit these communities and ‘tok stori’.

“Our team of volunteers need logistical support to visit these areas, many isolated, to answer questions, carry out awareness and get them on-board the ‘green belt’.

Time is against us as surging tide of deforestation continues on and we need to reach these communities before the loggers arrive. Any amount you share will go a long way.”

If willing to support this deserving project please refer to Facebook.

Source: Linkedin 21 July 2018.

Yours sincerely

 Frank Short

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