Gizo welcomes Archbishop Dawea to town

St Luke Gizo Parish Priest Father Eric Kolae right welcomed Archbishop Dawea and delegates at Nusatupe Terminal
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ANGLICAN church communities in and surrounding Gizo yesterday welcomed the Head of Anglican Church of Melanesian Archbishop Leonard Dawea.

Archbishop Dawea and his delegate touched down at Nusatupe airport at around 9am and were transported to Gizo where he and his delegates were greeted by Provincial Police Commander of Western Province.

He was then escorted by police to St Luke Church where the parishioners gathered to welcome him.

PPC of Western Province welcomes Archbishop and his team upon arrival at Gizo Hotel jetty

A beautiful scenery was staged, where Fishing Village parishioners performed the most popular Malaitan marching band to escort the Archbishop to the church where formal welcome event was made followed by a courtesy visit to the Premier of Western province and other institutions.

Archbishop Dawea said Western Province is part of Isabel Diocese, with minority parishioners as such it is his pastoral duty to visit the minority Anglican churches.

St Luke flower girls ready to garland the visiting delegation

“I choose to visit Anglican minority churches as most visits have been concentrated on diocesan headquarters,” he told parishioners.

“I’ve been here during the 2007 Tsunami and it is an honor to come back and visit the church,” Archbishop Dawea added.

“I want to register my sincere acknowledgement to parishioners and Father Eric Kolae for leading the church here in Gizo and other satellite churches.”

Parishioners of Transfiguration Church Fishing village marching band ready to escort Arcbishop Dawea and his team

Archbishop Dawea said churches are living testimony of Christian values where Christians share responsibilities in the spreading of the gospel.

“When churches meet, there is joy, peace and unity so as questions. I’m happy to discuss with parishioners any issues affecting the church while I’m here,” he added.

Archbishop Dawea greeted by garland girls and MC of the program

Archbishop Dawea said he is looking forward to fellowship with parishioners during his time in Gizo

Speaking during the courtesy visit, Premier of Western Province, David Gina said his government acknowledged the Archbishop’s visit to his province.

He said his government is supportive of church development that would promote peace, social harmony and economic development.

Gina said WPG will continue to support the churches in the province.