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Gizo venders urged to move to new market site

Venders displaying their products at the old Gizo Market area.



MARKET vendors operating in and around the old Gizo market should be moved to the MSG building where it is spacious.

Members of the Gizo Town Council yesterday said the Western Provincial government has allocated the temporary site for vendors to use – not the old Gizo Market area.

A spokesman Mr James Co’o said market vendors must listen because MSG building is already engaged for vendors from Vella, Simbo, Ranonga, Gizo and Kolombangara to use for market purposes.

“This is to control the pile of rubbish and traffic and for public to move freely while waiting for construction to begin next month.

“Most vendors are still displaying their fish, betel nuts and other local products at the cleared market area which is not good.

“We call on the vendors to quickly re-locate their stalls and market to the temporary site allocated by the provincial government so that collection of rubbish can be easy for GTC workers to concentrate on. At MSG building and along the street.”

Co’o said that some vendors are not listening to instructions to move to the new site.

Meanwhile, Gizo Market Steering Committee (GMSC) said they are trying their best to deal with these issues because due to limited space at the temporary site, they will try as much as possible to re-locate the betel vendors elsewhere.

“If there is enough space then others can move their market to the right place.”

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