Gizo residents urged to wear mask

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RESIDENTS at Western Provincial capital Gizo have been urged to wear mask when going out to public places

Provincial Secretary of Western province, Jeffrey Wickham made the call over the weekend following the surge of COVID-19 cases in Honiara.

He said wearing of mask is compulsory and residents must find one to protect themselves while going out on public places.

“There is no medicine that can cure this virus so the only way we can do is to prevent ourselves from getting the virus.

“Simple measures such as wearing of mask, hand washing, social distancing and avoid social gathering are the least we can do to protect ourselves,” Wickham said.

He said shop owners must wear mask and also provide hand sanitizers for the public to use after shopping.

Wickham adds that market vendors must also wear masks.

“Those who fail to adhere to this requirement will not be allowed to sell goods at the market.

“It is equally important that vendors must maintain social distancing while selling their products at the market,” he said.

Wickham said mask will be running out from shops as such those who are good in sawing must produce masks for sale at an affordable price.

“We want each resident to have a mask,” he said.