Gizo public told to dispose rubbish responsibly



GIZO Town Council (GTC) workers have advised public and visitors in Gizo to be responsible and behave when throwing their rubbish.

“GTC will not meet or carry-out exact work to clean the whole township but we need your helping hands through working together and partnership to clean all your wastes.

“Seeing that most people who pollute the township by throwing rubbishes all over are adults and even visitors and school children who never concern about throwing rubbishes but to create waste and they are the ones who not being able to responsible to throwing the rubbishes at the right places.

“Everyone together as one should take responsibility to clean all our rubbish and put it in the right place for GTC workers to collect and dumping at the dump site,” said GTC workers.

They calling on Gizo residents and visitors to take care of the town and be responsible and take ownership of the township because Gizo is the country’s main tourist hub.

The workers suggested that waste management is a serious issue that needs cooperation, thus they are continuing to ask public to help them keep the town clean.

They said that littering is not only unhealthy but also discourages visitors especially tourists from visiting the Western province.

They said GTC workers are now slowly improving the outlook of Gizo town, market places, roads and within Gizo town.

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