Gizo police to set up crime prevention committees


Gizo police is looking at establishing crime prevention committees in communities there.

A notice was circulated to churches to inform community leaders and residents on the proposed meeting scheduled today evening, tomorrow and Wednesday.

According to the letter, RSIPF officers will hold a meeting with Hill Top Community today at 5pm, District and Water Pump Communities tomorrow and Banana Valley Community on Wednesday.

The series of meetings will assist community leaders and residents to form a Crime Prevention Committee as part of a programme called “Tugether Iumi Mekem Gizo Town Safe and Peaceful”.

The committee will then formulate bylaws in an effort to maintain peace, safety and well-being of residents.

Crime Prevention is a four-year program established in 2019 and will end next year 2022 with the aim to provide police with better intelligence in communities so that criminal issues can be dealt with as they develop.

The RSIPF Crime Prevention strategy builds on previous approach and incorporates problem solving driven by stakeholders and communities in the absence of police.

Part of the strategy is to reinforce the key roles of leaders in communities and the traditional role of chiefs in crime and harm prevention activities as well as mediating and solving issues.

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